Food Fight!

Ove nedelje: 1. Warming up police intelligence 2. A hungry man is an angry man 3. Farm land not airports 4. Vintage riot porn: The battle for Narita 5. Bosnia burns 6. Bilbao welcomes the IMF 7. African migrants bum rush fortress Europe 8. Brujeria: La Migra 7. Breaking down the riots in Venezuela

Organizing Revolt

Ove nedelje: 1. Proto nazis in the Ukraine 2. the end of Bill McKibben's innocence 3. Enbridge blockers found guilty 4. Fracking pipeline must be stopped 5. No justice for Kelly Thomas 6. The silent anarchist is free 7. Bambu - Crosshairs 8. Peter Gelderloos on Barcelona assemblies

The War on Christmas Trees

Ove nedelje: 1. The War on Christmas Trees 2. NYE Noise Demos 3. Rote Flora Defense 4. 20 years of Zapatistas 5. RATM - People of the Sun 6. Anarchists come out of the closet

Front End Loader Dreams

Ove nedelje: 1. 19 COPs won't do 2. Mi'kmaq kick out the frackers 3. Thai pigs back the fuck down 4. Front End Loader Dreams 5. Greek cops on Fire 6. B.o.B. 7. Zwarte Piet is Racism

Fear of a Black Bloc planet

Ove nedelje: 1. Herman Wallace RIP 2. The KGB’s in da house 3. Mexico never forgives 4. Brazil’s Black Bloc 5. Pussy Riot 6. Who are the warriors?

How to Paralyze a Country

Ove nedalje: 1. ReReRepeat 2. Akira was right 3. Colombianarquía 4. Brazil Black Bloc 5. Mescal Molotovs 6. Olmeca 7. Colombia’s farmers revolt!

Capitalism Will Save the Planet

Ove nedelje: 1. North Pole Freakout 2. Global Warming Greening the Planet 3. Obama’s strip tease 4. Dick Branson’s Plan B 5. Steward Brant’s Mutant Future 6. Tepco nukes the Pacific 7. Frack Off! 8. Stink bombs for miners 9. You can’t drink money 10. Di Nigunim 11. The Endgame of the Tar Sands

Stim goes to the tar sands

Ove nedelje: 1. Snoden's fears come true 2. Istanbul Rising 3. Obama can kill you 4. Brazil's Massive insurrection 5. Made You Die 6. Stim goes to the Tar Sands

Street Politics 101

U proleće 2012, masovni studentski štrajk protiv povećanja školarine, šest meseci je tutnjao ulicama Montreala. Protesti i militantne ulične akcije postali su deo dnevne i noćne realnosti ove kanadske metropole.

Abolish the Police

Ove nedelje: 1. Cops don’t like freedom 2. Cops don’t like it when we hang out together 3. The police want to kill you 4. The cops protect the rich, the rich protect the cops 5. The cops fuckin hate you **MUSIC BREAK: BOB MARLEY – BURNIN’ & LOOTIN’ 6. Justice for Levi

Decolonize this!

Ove nedelje: 1. Super SME 2. Community Self-Defense 3. Enbridge Pipeline Fenced off 4. Rio’s World Cup Cleanup 5. Hearts are stronger than bullets **Music Break: Savage Fam Hatred** 6. Decolonize this!

It Is Happening Again

Ove nedelje: 1. It is happening again 2. General Strike rocks India 3. Women’s Day Cocktail Party 4. Fire makes gold shine 5. G20 Extraditions 6. French 101 **MUSIC BREAK: “POLICE” by Fucked Up 7. Free Anons