Molotovljev koktel

Riot Porn: Studentski koktel za pandure u Kairu

Po svemu sudeći Egipćani su izgubili strpljenje i It looks like that Egyptians have run out of ways to stop the bloody coup so they decided to try ordinary ways..In an anti-coup protest at Cairo University Students decided to avenge their collegue who get killed inside the university by Police in one of the numerous massacres commited by Police and military In Egypt Against the ppl after the military coup..And it seems to be working..

Slovenija: Pokušaj podmetanja molotovljevih koktela u Metelkova gradu

20. decembra 2012. godine, vlasti su ponovo pokušale da podmetnu molotovljeve koktele u Metelkovi grad, ne bi li im na taj način narušili autonomiju i slobodu.

So now what?

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